The 27 IPO will take place at:
Scuola Superiore del Ministero dell'Interno,Via Veientana 386 - 00186 Rome - Italy​

About accommodation
The Training Center is located in Rome, Via Veientana No. 386, and belongs with the Italian Ministry of the Interior, Department of Civil Administration - Personnel Policies, Material and Financial Resources. It trains and develops the Italian Home civil service and makes training agreements with its counterparts and other bodies, while carrying out institutional activities and lodging civil personnel on mission assignments. Its premises are also used by SNA, the Italian National School of Administration, for training activities.
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How to reach the destination

Get to exit 5 (Cassia Veientana) of the Grande Raccordo Anulare (A90 Northern Ring Road). Drive on Cassia Veientana til you reach the first exit and follow the signs that read: Scuola Superiore Interno.
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